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Salmon: it’s what’s for dinner

Salmon is one of the most healthiest meats for you. It is loaded with so many vitamins and nutrients. Rich in Omega-3 Fatty Acids. These Reduce Inflammation and lower blood pressure Great Source of Protein. (helps your muscles recover and build muscles when losing weight.) Good Source of B Vitamins; These help with memory, inflammation and energy Loaded With Selenium; this helps with thyroid problems. … Continue reading Salmon: it’s what’s for dinner


Such an amazing Smoothie here. This will give you that power punch you want. It seriously takes about 5-7 minutes to make. And worth all the effort! If you dont have these ingredients, you should seriously go out now, and get them! They are all fairly cheap, (protein powder is a bit costly) but you wont regret this purchase. You can feel free to go … Continue reading KALE MONSTER SMOOTHIE