Such an amazing Smoothie here. This will give you that power punch you want. It seriously takes about 5-7 minutes to make. And worth all the effort! If you dont have these ingredients, you should seriously go out now, and get them! They are all fairly cheap, (protein powder is a bit costly) but you wont regret this purchase. You can feel free to go … Continue reading KALE MONSTER SMOOTHIE

Never Feel Guilty

These three words can be so powerful. You need to keep telling yourself not to feel guilty. People will tell you all the time; don’t eat this. You shouldn’t eat that. And forget about dessert. .or, If you eat this, you will be HUGE!The “fad diets” Restrict your food intake, restrict you to certain types of foods,can we say Keto? How many millions of people … Continue reading Never Feel Guilty

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When you don’t know where you’re going…

Ever have those moments where you’re excited to accomplish something. And you see the ending goal. You are amped and excited to get started. But then you come to a road block. Something, that allows you to not move forward. You see that the end now looks a bit hazy, the past is now a bit darker, and you’re stuck wondering if this is still … Continue reading When you don’t know where you’re going…