If you came here wondering what we are about, please look around! and don’t hesitate to reach out to me; Jamie, if you have any questions or comments about our blog.

I have a crazy weight-loss journey. A crazy life. And none of that is important when you are here, because I am just wanting to see everyone skip out of those expensive Dr. visits (wellness visits, please still go!) and get the health kicked back into them! Because everyone can have a healthy life, Its just how you chose to look at the world around you!

Here to be your guide, use me, please me, share stories with me. But please no weird pictures! Anyways, Nah, i’m over here trying to get some certificates so I can better serve you fabulous people with the information you are about to get outta me!

I am really a huge dork! But, I 💓 fitness. I 💓 Helping people. and watching you succeed!.

So, what do you say, lets become partners, and whoop yo’ ass back to the bare bones. Health is the squeeze, and i’m sayin we can get there together.
(honestly, if you are still reading this, I feel for you)
Love yourself
Seriously, what do you have to lose?

All jokes aside, I really just want you to feel comfortable here, I want to help everyone I can. My dream?! The ultimate; to go to Africa, and give what we have. I live in America, and we throw away thousands of pounds of food a day! And we are so spoiled as a country, (true facts) that we go to the store, buy an abundance of food and toss it away like its nothing. While these people in 2nd and 3rd world countries would do just about anything to even have as much as clean running water to drink from.
So, I am raising money, I am earning my certificates so I can make this come true for them.
And if I can help each one of you, by simply just giving you a small peice of advice, or you 💓 my blog so much it becomes your bible (sad story for you!) then, I am doing everything I am set out to accomplish.
Personal gains dont always equal to a selfish act, but rather seeing other succeed.

And its true, you can leave this site and go find something even better. You can find something that appeals more to your level. (hey Im in the baby stages right now. launched 8/29/2019) however, my promise to you, is I wont stop improving my site. Not even when I make it to Africa. Or when I am on that front page of Google.

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