Kids’ Breakfast Busters

Why Is Breakfast so important?

We all know, We have heard it before, that Breakfast is so important. But before you judge, just hear me out!

Lets pretend your kids woke you up for the day. They jumped on your bed, pillows flying everywhere, happy campers. (a bit over exaggerated, but stay with me!) So, you get up with them, maybe your’e groggy, grumpy, happy…

But, you reach into the cupboard and pull out a box of cereal. Pour it for them, get some milk in there and hope they can hurry up for school, or whatever activities you have planned.

Sounds about right, Hell, Im very guilty of it too.

But now, lets see what we are giving them; sugar, and more sugar.
What we feed them, is how we are setting them up for the day. A Bowl of sugary cereal to start. And then we have sugary fruit snacks for a snack. Lets not forget a can of soda pop.

A Box of Lucky Charms.

This has to speak to every parent out there. Of course kids want sugar! They are addicted to it. They start the day with a huge bowl of it. And continue to eat it throughout the day.

Start their day with healthier choices.
a bowl of cereal is okay for those busy mornings. But try to find something a bit healthier for them:

Pancakes, Eggs, Waffles, Omelettes, Healthy Cereals, Yogurt with fruit and granola. I will compile a list of healthy Breakfasts and share with you later on. But for now, give your little ones something they will excel from. Something to fuel their mornings.

I know these are the “cheap” cereals. And if you coupon, you can usually stock up on boxes for around $1.00. So It is super cheap!

I am going to share with you some reasons for spending a little extra on those more expensive cereal boxes:

  • It will last longer, cereal with more fiber will fill them up faster, so essentially your kids will eat less of it.
  • If you add a couple strawberries, or a banana (these are fairly cheap) on the side, you increase their nutrition intake as bananas have potassium and enough carbs with fiber that this will fill them up also!
  • You will rest assured your kids will probably not be bouncing off the walls all day. And possibly not anxious and irritable this day too.
  • Kids will most likely retain more information from their studies, a they have the nutrition to fuel their brain.
  • They will have better skin, and less acne.

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