Flex it Friday.

So, you know already, im pretty big into being healthy. But, it comes at a lot of consistency. I didnt get abs overnight. Nor will I have super defined abs every single day. But I incorporate ab twists nearly every day.

I love to flex my stomach. It makes me feel like im actually working out, when Im not really doing much.

I will be preparing and cooking dinner, and yep, ill flex my abs off and on. Its not just with dinner, but any time of the day. Honestly, Ill think about it, and just FLEX. Squeeze your stomach in. And leave it until you cant anymore. Sitting at your desk? FLEX! It is truly about just FLEXing that tummy. You honestly, dont even have to move. Just FLEX! Sitting in a car? FLEX! If you start this, you will begin to see how easy it is, and possibly becomes second nature to just flex your abs.

Let me know in the comments, what you want to see more of! I want to get to know YOU!

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