Never Feel Guilty

Never feel guilty

These three words can be so powerful. You need to keep telling yourself not to feel guilty.

People will tell you all the time; don’t eat this.
You shouldn’t eat that.
And forget about dessert. .
or, If you eat this, you will be HUGE!
The “fad diets” Restrict your food intake, restrict you to certain types of foods,
can we say Keto? How many millions of people have been on this, or at least tried it?
But tell me, could you do this for your life? Could you eat low carb diet forever?
What happens when you’re out, or you just want a piece of pizza? How about:
Your have a bad day? A bad week?
Do you “reward yourself” with food?
Something like these thoughts come to mind;
I just want to have a treat, because I’ve been really stressed.
I just want to order in tonight, it’s been a long day.
maybe even this,
I want to go out and get (fill in the blank) because I deserve it.

But here is the cycle:
You keep explaining yourself. You think you have to have a reason.
You feel so guilty about eating what you really want,
That you use excuses to have what you crave.
And this vicious cycle continues.
And more than likely, you eat this food, and feel completely guilty doing it.

And If you find youre feeling guilty, Maybe you need to Change how you enjoy and look at food.

Have that piece of pizza. And have the doughnut on Sunday. But limit yourself. Don’t feel guilty by eating these. Feel relief from creating balance in your life with these foods.

When you start to balance out your eating habits, it takes time. It takes vigilance, and alot of work:


Start your day with love for yourself. (sounds cliche, but honestly, know your worth!)
Then sit down, if you have time and find a healthy recipe. At some point during the week, get those ingredients.

If you drink soda pop, beer, iced tea, coffee, Anything that has sugar; Swap it with a cup of tea. JUST tea. No sugar here.
And repeat.
Sounds too simple right? 
But I promise, if you take those baby steps, that time for yourself, you will feel rejuvenated about yourself. You will honestly feel a weird sense of uplift. And rid that guilt out. 
Then you can make more steps. But when you have something so small (a damn cup 'o tea) it can feel rewarding. It can feel like a treat, or something you can be happy or get excited about doing. 
Tell me your experience! I would love to hear about it. 

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